Main activities of Guus Hiddink Foundation


Learn more aobut the ongoing projects and activities of Guus Hiddink Foundation. We are doing our best to help as many people as possible, while providing the priceless opportunities to enjoy the game we all love to people who need our help the most.



Hiddink Dream Field

Hiddink Dream Field is a project for establishment of the futsal fields for visually handicapped people.

Started with building of the first futsal field for visually handicapped people in 2007, Guus Hiddink Foundation has built over 12 fields across Korea, and we will continue to build even more. Currently there are fields in Chungju, Pohang, Suwon, Ichon, Jeonju, Seoul, Jeju and other big cities in South Korea.

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Dream Field in Pyongyang

Project Dream Field in Pyongyang is carried on based on the same principles as any other Dream Field project. No matter in what place in the world, we want to do everything we can to help visually handicapped people and children.

We believe that through the Dream Field in Pyongyang project, we can bring the peace and joy of football to the people of North Korea, especially handicapped. Every person should have the chance to reach a dream.

Future Projects


Multicultural Family Football Tournament


Dream Football Center

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Women Football Tournament in DPRK



Guus Hiddink Foundation works hard to provide help to people who need it the most, such as handicapped, multi-cultural families, and children from vulnerable social groups.

Currently, there are more than 200,000 handicapped people, 1,000,000 people from multi-cultural families, and more than 2,620,000 people from vulnerable social groups in South Korea. Overall, more than 4 million people are waiting for our help. We will do our best to help as many of them as possible, while we will expand our activities not only to more regions in Korea, but globally as well.


We are not limiting ourselves only to football. We are constantly studying other opportunities to provide the helping hand to people who need our help to reach their dreams.


In 2015, the headquarters of Guus Hiddink Foundation have been moved from Netherlands to South Korea, where we want to concentrate our main activities of helping people. Even before moving the headquarters, South Korea was the main countries for activities of our foundation. In near future, we will expand to more and more Asian countries, starting with North Korea.


People and organisations participating in the movement of Guus Hiddink Foundation

Football team have 11 players in order to play a match. Same story goes for anything else, including the activities of our foundation. The people and organisations listed below are these players, without whom it will not be possible to accomplish what we do. There are still a lot to get done, so we are looking forward to recruit even more players for our team, so together we could reach bigger goals.


Moro Sports
Marketing Company

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Companies supporting our activities

We could never do what we do here without your help. We believe that together we could help even more people in South Korea and many other countries around the world. The help provided by the companies showed below makes the dreams of the children, visually handicapped people, vulnerable people from multi-cultural families and many more come true.

Thank you for your support!

We believe that with your support we could archive amazing things.