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During the FIFA World Cup, counties unite to become a one united team. In front of the planet Earth, we are all representing one team, and our live is our game. But there are a lot of people on our team, who are in a difficult situation just because of race, color of skin, medical condition, and many other reason. We believe that in order to succeed as a team, we all should unite in helping the others.

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Please do not send unsolicited materials or items of any kind to the Guus Hiddink Foundation. The foundation has no obligation to review, accept, or return such unsolicited materials.

Note: If you are a member of the news media, please use the phone number or email address above to leave a detailed message. Include your name, press affiliation, phone number, questions, and deadline.

Online/Email Scams
Visit our email scams page for information about emails, web sites, and accompanying materials claiming to be from the foundation.



Ways you can help

Not everybody are born with a talent, but with determination and passion for something, all what needed for a child to succeed is a little help. Share your knowledge and talent with others. Join our movement and help the children of Asia to reach their dreams!


Short-term support

Show your support by providing your help to people who need it the most, children, visually handicapped people. 


Long-term support

Help the children to reach their dreams by providing your long-term support on monthly basis. 


Donation of hope

Even just one word can change the life of a person. Express your support to people who need it by participating in social media events, volunteering, or many other ways.