I love football.

All my life I have spent moving around giving all I have to football. One of the most big memories from my career are from 2002, where I was a coach of South Korean National Football Team. I still remember all the passion and love for the game I have experienced during my time there.

After the World Cup I have decided to contribute to Korean society. I have established the Guus Hiddink Foundation and started to provide the help to Korean handicapped people by building the Hiddink Dream Field futsal fields all around the South Korea. Many people from Netherlands and other countries have helped Guus Hiddink Foundation.

Helping others is my passion, and it makes me happy to see when handicapped people are happy thanks to the work our foundation has done. Today, in 2015, there are already 12 futsal fields built in South Korea and we plan to further expand our Dream Field project to reach more and more people who need our help.

In order to concentrate on doing that, I have decided to move the Head Quarters of Guus Hiddink Foundation from Netherlands to South Korea. I have a goal to expand the activities of our foundation to many countries around the world, starting with some countries in Asian region. 

All we do here will never be possible without your support. I am always grateful to all our partners who joined our movement to help the youth football of Asia, visually handicapped people and all the other people who need our help. 

Thank you for your support! I hope that you continue to support our foundation, by supporting the children and people who need our help. I believe that together will can make a huge different in Korea and Asian region and help many people to reach their dreams.

Thank you.

Guus Hiddink
Chairman of Guus Hiddink Foundation