A chance to enjoy football for everybody

Hiddink Dream Field is a project for establishment of the futsal fields for visually handicapped people.

We dream about the world where everybody have the equal chance to play football. These days it is very difficult for children and handicapped people to find a good place to participate in some sport activities. At first, when we were thinking about establishing our foundation, we thought about them. As a result, we prepared a plan to built a futsal field for visually handicapped people in every host city of 2002 FIFA World Cup.


We believe that football is the perfect sport for improving our health. By building the Dream Field fields, we are trying to help the people who need our help the most - handicapped, poor and underprivileged. We want to give the chance to enjoy football to all of them. Currently, we are concenrting on bringing more and more fields to Korean cities, but in near future we plan to expand our Dream Field project to North Korea and other Asian countries. 

We hope that you will join us in making this happen with the passion of 2002 FIFA World Cup.


The Hiddink Dream Fields have dimensions of 40 x 20 meters. Every Dream Field is provided with special sounding balls, that let visually handicapped people play football even without seeing the ball. Usually, the games are played by teams of 3 or 4 players and a referee, who controls the game.

Started with building of the first futsal field for visually handicapped people in 2007, Guus Hiddink Foundation has built over 12 fields across Korea, and we will continue to build even more. Currently there are fields in Chungju, Pohang, Suwon, Ichon, Jeonju, Seoul, Jeju and other big cities in South Korea.

We have a goal to expand the Dream Field project not only to more cities in Korea, but to other countries as well, starting with the Asia. Guus Hiddink Foundation supports the people who cannot see the beauty of football, and we will do everything we can, so these people could feel it.

Dream Field in Duksung Womens University

Dream Field in Duksung Womens University

Dream field in Baejae University

Dream field in Baejae University

Dream Field in Suwon

Dream Field in Suwon



Why we need Dream Fields?



Above all, Dream Field provides the opportunity to participate in sports activities, which is the foundation of healthy life.



By participating in sports activities, children are not only getting healthier, but also having fun and enjoy their lives. 



Dream Field is a great place to start the new friendship. Participating in football competitions will help making new friends.



Participating in group activities will help people easily adapt to the social life and become the part of society.


The Dream Field in Pyongyang

Football is open to everybody, no matter what age, sex or race a person is. Sport doesn't have borders. Especially, when it comes to children, sport activities are an integral part of development of young generations. North Korea is no different.

The Dream Field project in South Korea is concentrated on helping the visually handicapped people and children. Our visit to Pyongyang showed us again that there is the same need for help in bringing football passion and joy to North Korean people as well.

We wish that through football the young children of North Korea will develop physically and improve their health while enjoying the beautiful game we all love. We believe it will help them come closer to reaching their dreams.

We believe that giving the dreams to children is as important than any financial or physical help. We hoping you will support us.

Dream Fields locations


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