Hiddink to build a ‘Dream Field’ for futsal, visually disabled children

The hero of the World Cup semi-finals, Guus Hiddink’ is building a “Dream Field” to give hope to the blind in Korea and also to open up Busan to the world.

The futsal field for the blind, located within the Busan Welfare Center for the Visually  Handicapped in Buk District is the seventh Hiddink Dream Field. The futsal field opened

on May 30 and was constructed by the Hiddink Foundation, which Director Guus Hiddink established. Guus Hiddink was the Korean soccer team director during 2002 World Cup, in which Korea advanced to the semi-finals. Busan City offered the site, the Hiddink Foundation provided 117 million won ($100,257) and the construction kicked off in October 2011 with a total of 200 million won of budget.


The seventh Hiddink Dream Field is a futsal field for the blind which is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. It is made with soft artificial grass and there is a safety fence so the visually disabled people can enjoy soccer safely. The artificial grass was provided by a local artificial grass company APW.

Hiddink participated in the opening ceremony himself and said, “I express my gratitude to Busan City and those who all helped to build the seventh Dream Field. It is very meaningful to have built a Dream Field in Busan where we had our victory over Poland back in 2002.”

Busan City also delivered a plaque of gratitude in the name of the Busan City mayor, delivering the city’s appreciation for the support in building the Dream Field.

Guus Hiddink is having a soccer game with blind children at  the seventh Hiddink Dream Field, which opened on May 30.